Our Program

The mission of the Summit Football program is to prepare our players for success, on and off the field, while building young men of character. Our success will be forged through hard work, discipline, commitment, an encompassing sense of pride, and through the pursuit of perfection. Our goal is to build confidence within our players as well as become more confident in each other. This will not only build the individual but build a team. Wins and losses will not be our final measurement of success. Our ultimate level of success will be ten years down the road, when our players are husbands, fathers, and members of the community. As we contribute to the development of young men in a positive way, we will be successful.

Summit Football has a relatively short history. With some early success, it has seen some challenging years. Through adversity, however, comes growth. Our staff and players are dedicated to a program that we can all be proud of. To forge our identity out of perseverance and hard work creates character, which is valuable in all facets of life. Summit Football is growing, we are building this together, and together we can’t lose.